How Much Time Does it Take to Finish a Term Paper?

For a fact, nothing causes most students to procrastinate more than a college homework that necessitates extensive research. Whenever students hear the term “research”, this already haunts them primarily when they do not have idea as to where to start- literally. In addition, this is not an unusual response from most of us who have perhaps only composed one or two term papers, if that. The truth is that a lot of students procrastinate when doing thorough research mainly because they aren’t that aware in terms of doing it.


Even though there is no sudden fix in terms of performing research, there are some useful techniques which make conducting research a lot easier. The purpose of this article is to assist students with regards to the basics of getting started. Such basics comprise of making a careful plan of attack, organizing time, jotting down notes, planning to write as well as coming up with central arguments .


The Fundamentals

Making a careful plan of attack

Do not wait until one week prior your term paper is due to start your research if you are aware that you have an assigned task that has to be submitted at the end of semester. It is advised to come up with a research itinerary at the very start of the semester as this will aid you arrange all the tasks accordingly which you need to accomplish in a more organized and timely approach.

Furthermore, a research itinerary will also aid you to come up with a well-developed term paper since you will have put in the time required to research the data which you will need, go over the material, form an outline and then compose the assigned task. Take note that the distinction between an average term paper from an outstanding one is actually the amount of time which you provide yourself to complete the project. So, make sure to give yourself time and begin early!

Jotting down notes

Write good notes as you go over the material which you have made copies of or the ones you’ve already checked. Start early so that you can find the material which will take you into other probable directions with your term paper.

Planning to write

Of course, meeting with your adviser regarding the assigned task is a great approach to ensure that you are on the right track. The adviser will be able to check what your subject is and what essential keys that you’re planning on highlighting in your term paper and he or she can advise whether or not you’re staying focused with the project. In reality, spending a lengthy period of time conducting research can have some disadvantageous effects. Students may start losing sight of the bigger picture and that is none other than their primary arguments and they begin to become too preoccupied with unessential details.

Coming up with central arguments

Take into account that the central arguments of your term paper just like the subject itself will be neither too narrow nor too broad for the compass of your assigned task. So, keep in mind that when forming your arguments, you may want to ask yourself about the main purpose of your work. Contemplate on the main points you are making such as expounding the cause and effect of historical events, arguing a hypothesis or figuring out a piece of literature.