A List Of Research Paper Topics In Journalism You Can Write On With Ease

The internet has by and large changed journalism – people no longer wait for the newspaper to arrive next morning to read about what has happened around the world. The importance of printed news hasn’t diminished as such but the freedom to log on to the internet and find out why an earthquake shook your building 5 minutes back is beyond comprehension. Researching on journalism trends and issues is all the more interesting today and here are some topics you could work on:

  • The role of social media in journalism. Audience and reader participation has increased manifold everywhere. People are now encouraged to report about their locality through social media posts or through instant messaging apps. What does such an involvement of the public mean? Is this likely to diminish boundaries? How does journalism deal with these changes?

  • Journalist and the risks in their jobs. This is just a base line to work on and the topic can be developed from this. Recent incidents of terrorist organisations killing journalists are neither unheard of, nor the first of their kind. Your research paper could study how many journalists have pushed their boundaries and entered risky zones only to be punished by the extreme measure.

  • Can journalism of any sort be called unfair today? Journalists lie to bring out a story and considering the rise in competition, they always fight to get the news before their competitors. What consists of honest journalism today? Where should journalists stop and why? Does the end justify the means in this regard?

  • Future of the print media – Though appearing as a procrastinating topic, it is definitely important to discuss the effects of changing media and the widespread use of the internet on print media. Are newspapers going to vanish in a few years? Has the style of reporting or arrangement of news been affected in any way in the past few years?

  • Comparing e papers and printed newspapers could be another simple topic

  • Racial discrimination in sports – whether to cover it or avoid in when reporting on sports.

  • Covering accidents and natural disasters – presenting the true picture without being gory.

  • Journalism Education – How necessary is it? You can also suggest what should be included in these courses and whether or not it is relevant today.

Finding good topics for a research paper in journalism is in fact very simple – only if you keep your eyes wide open.