Best Research Paper Topics In Science: 12 Areas To Investigate

A research paper is the documentation or the scholarly writing developed by a student after conducting work on a particular academic topic. These are the final output of your analysis and it should contain a specific solution or a result to a particular problem. A report must portray the views and explanations of the student and it should be prepared as per the university guidelines. A report or a term paper should contain the following sections:

  • Title or cover page
  • Acknowledgements
  • Table of contents/ Index
  • Introduction
  • Methods of collecting data
  • Analysis and experimentations
  • Results
  • Conclusion
  • Reference or bibliography

If you are assigned with a science topic, it is a must to analysis the problem at a wider spectrum and you should come up with a desired output or a result. The topic should be challenging and highly debatable one and it should be authentic. Selecting an appropriate or a relevant problem is the initial step towards a term paper and after conducting your experiments and analysis, the report summarizes the work you have created, in an elaborated way.

Best research paper topics in science: 12 important areas

Here are some innovative and challenging topics which makes an efficient term paper. As far as science topics are concerned, you can get a variety of topics from different areas. Here are some major areas to investigate when you are planning for a science term paper:

  • Education
  • Computer science
  • Health
  • Military
  • Telecommunication
  • Internet
  • Science and technology
  • Information technology
  • Environment
  • Agriculture
  • Social life

Here are some challenging and innovative topics for developing a term paper report:

  • Does the advent of digital reading changes our brains?
  • Effects of steroids usage in our human body: hazards and preventive methods.
  • Present education system and their dependence on internet.
  • Disadvantages of cloning. Is is a boon or a curse?
  • Advancement of micro biology and its medical applications:
  • Nanotechnology: revolutionary changes happening in various fields
  • Advantages and disadvantages of GMOs or genetically modified organisms
  • How the developments in the field of science and technology improve our agricultural sector?
  • A study on discrimination in our educational sector
  • Discovery of Neutrino, the ghost particle – a mile stone for science and technology?
  • Effects of tobacco and alcohol in our human body.