List Of 15 Best Research Paper Topics In Developmental Psychology

The field of developmental psychology has a vast array of topic ideas you can choose from. When getting ready to write your research paper in this area, you have a lot to choose from. As you glance through the following list, keep in mind you can change these ideas and tweak them to become your own. It’s always good to take a unique angle on what you’re writing.

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  1. Would it encourage children to eat healthier and make better food choices to simply package nutritious food items in visually appealing bags or containers?

  2. Does eating breakfast have a positive effect on children’s school performance?

  3. Does a tangible reward such as candy work better for reinforcement when getting children to complete their homework than does praise?

  4. Is there a correlation between birth order and likeliness to procrastinate?

  5. Is there a correlation between self-efficacy and memory?

  6. As a person ages are they more likely to move toward blaming external variables for their behaviors whereas younger adults may tend to blame internal variables?

  7. Do word games and mental activities help older adults retain their cognitive abilities longer?

  8. How does short-term memory change as a person ages?

  9. What are the mental and physical effects of adolescent depression?

  10. What factors affect the brain development of a baby during gestation as compared to infancy?

  11. What are the biggest factors that affect the development of language in children 9 months to 3 years old?

  12. Are Piaget’s stages of concrete operation describing when children start using logic and reasoning still valid?

  13. What do little children fear most, and how do those fears translate into other areas of their life as they grow older?

  14. How does emotional development proceed in infants as compared to adolescents?

  15. What are the 4 stages of intellectual growth?

Your research paper should have a thesis statement, comprised of one sentence. It is usually located at the end of the first paragraph, and should be specific. In other words, only cover what is discussed in your paper. You will need to support your statement with valid, succinct evidence.

Sometimes it’s warranted to revise your thesis statement as you keep reading and writing. You might find a tangent captures your attention and you want to write your paper using a slightly different angle.