Three Simple Tricks That Can Help You Create A Good Research Paper

Sometimes it is the obvious things or the easy things which many students overlook. The title of this article has a keyword of simple. There are a number of steps you can take or tricks you can perform but in this case the three provided can all be described as simple.

It is because they are simple that many students disregard them. Of course I know that is often the approach taken by many essay writers. But these simple tricks have been in operation seemingly for ever and you would do well to put them into practice in creating a really good research paper.

  • have a plan and a timetable
  • don't skimp on research
  • rewriting is even more important than writing

So many students simply look at the topic and start writing. This raises the possibility of all sorts of problems. You're not answering the question. You run out of time. You stumble into a writers’ block. You can avoid all sorts of problems by having a plan and a timetable. The plan sets out how you will approach the research paper. The timetable has milestones which you can check as you proceed. It could have a milestone such as ‘finish research and notetaking by such and such a date’ or ‘write the thesis statement by this date’ or write the introduction’. All of these targets have a date so you marry the plan and the timetable. You gain confidence as you check your progress with your timetable.

A research paper has the word research in it for a good reason. You don't write the paper off the top of your head. You go out of your way to find relevant research material and from that you create proper notes. This material then forms the basis of your research paper. You write the various paragraphs of your research paper based on the information you have gleaned from your research. Do not skimp on this step.

And finally there is the old adage that ‘rewriting is more important than writing’. Of course the writing needs to be clear and avoid repetition and stick to the point. But rarely if ever does a student complete the first draft of their research paper and find that it is perfect. You need to carry out editing. You need to polish your work. You need to spend time on your rewriting.