Ideas For Your Research Paper About Technology In Education

A research paper about technology in education is not difficult to accomplish if you have taken the time to make a few key preparations. One of them is selecting a topic that can be used to figure out what your project is going to be about. For some general guidelines and tips on selecting a good quality topic on your next technology education research paper continue to read this article:

What have you used?

Try to consider the different technologies that you have made use of over the years while you were in education. Writing the piece from a personal view point that you have experience with will be to your advantage. It will allow the examiner to see that you have invested some emotion into the piece instead of creating a generic piece of work.

Over the years technologies have changed a lot and perhaps you could write a project on how technology was when you started education and what it is like right now. When it comes to technology the number of topics that you can write about are endless. Also you’ll find that there is a lot of material that you can use to gather info on technology related topics.

A list of titles to make a selection from

Are you stuck with selecting a title for your research paper? The here is a list of titles that you can use right now to get things started:

  • What are the biggest concerns that you might have with the use of technology in education?
  • Give 3 examples of how technology has improved the quality of education for many individuals
  • Give 3 examples of technologies that have not been productive in the classroom
  • How can the different technologies out there be used to improve the attention span of a student?
  • Are laptops a great addition to the classroom?
  • Are screen projects a great addition to the classroom?
  • What technologies do you think will be used in the classroom in the future?
  • How can schools make the most of the budget that they have to invest in technology?
  • What are the common problems associated with technology in the classroom?
  • What advantages do current students have over previous ones due to technological updates?