Formatting Tips: What Is The Results Section Of An APA Research Paper?

According to the paper writer online, the results section should present the results of the research. You narrate the results and give relevant statistics data to support the narrative part. You don’t have to start new page for this section, sometimes this section is even included in the discussion section. If you decide to write it separately, this is how you present results in this section:

Organize your results

In order to remind the readers of the overall story, restate the hypothesis again. Start with how your results fit in your overall picture of the study. Why are these results important and what are the most compelling results.

Of course, you should start presenting the results by relevance order. That means, to start with the most important one for your research, then continue with the less relevant though related results to the research.

Provide readers with necessary information

Before you present the results you have to provide preliminary discussion in this section. In order to be convincible in the importance of the results, you have to demonstrate that you met the conditions of the study.

Narrate results

Readers should understand the data you provide. Therefore, you have to clearly describe your results. If you decided to use non-conventional analysis you should provide reasons why you decided to do so.

Tables and figures

After you narrated the analysis, you have to include the data that have been discussed. If you do not explain anything about a particular table, there is no need to include the table in the paper. Related to this, bear in mind that your readers have good knowledge of statistics and you do not have to explain how simple tests work, they only need a summary of the results. You should include data that have important effect on your findings.

Technical aspect of results section

  • Regarding grammar, this section should be written in past tense, since your study is finished.

  • Do not include irrelevant information from the analysis. You can fully upload your analysis online and enable readers to have access if they want thorough analysis.

  • Try to stick to the data in this section. You will give your own interpretation of the results in the discussion section.

  • Prefer giving data in percent not frequencies when presenting data.