Economics Research Paper Topics: 10 Interesting Areas To Explore

Economics can be a very dry subject but it need not be boring. You can write a paper which not only gains the interest of your professor, but gets you a high grade as well. Economics is a central part of our lives for better or for worse, and certain issues have a major impact on the lives of us all. If you are looking around for an interesting topic to research, here are few to think about.

  1. Obamacare and health care premiums. Is the Affordable Care Act really a cost saver or are premiums going through the roof?

  2. The real costs of fossil fuel energy. Examine how the coal-fired power plants affect the environment and whether or not added restrictions will result in lost jobs.

  3. Immigration and the Impact on the Minimum Wage. Critics are saying the increased flow of immigrants is keeping minimum wages down. Explore if in fact the addition of immigrants to the labor pool actually keeps wages low.

  4. The Sharing Economy. Explore how companies like Uber have changed the way business is conducted in the modern economy.

  5. Social Media and the Entrepreneur. How does the social media aid and/or inhibit entrepreneurs.

  6. The Part Time worker. Explain the rise of part time and freelance jobs since the Great Recession of 2008.

  7. Child Labor Laws. Assess what costs are incurred by not allowing 14 year olds to work full time jobs.

  8. The Stadium Mirage. Consider how major league stadiums actually have a negative effect on the local economy.

  9. How the Rich Avoid Taxes. There is a lot of discussion on rich should be taxed more. Explain how the rich will effectively pay lower taxes even though the rates are increased.

  10. Privatizing Public Services. Libertarians advocate smaller government by outsourcing certain services. Assess how privatizing certain services will affect a local economy.

As you are going through the various topics to research remember to keep the text interesting. Economics can be as boring as watching paint dry and you don’t want that. Your professor wants to be able to read something that is more than just a repeat of yesterday’s lecture. Write your content based on facts, but watch how you word the paragraphs. You need not use highly technical language all the time. Your final product will be that much more informative, and worth reading, if you keep your audience in mind and use words they immediately understand.