Choosing Impressive Research Paper Topics For High School

One of the major milestones that you should conquer before graduating high school is the ability to compose an impressive research paper. Your fantastic, “A” grade level paper starts with a topic that is unique, distinctive, and grabs the attention of your instructor.

The First Mistake

Too often students doom their research papers from the beginning by assigning it a dull title that unfortunately fits perfectly with the boring content. Choosing your topic for your research paper or essay is perhaps the most important part of the paper writing process. If you select the right topic, the process can not only be much easier, it can actually be enjoyable!

Finding the Right Topic

Here are some tips to help you pick just the right topic to fit your assignment:

  • Keep it concise. Most research papers will be limited in the amount of space you’re required to fill. You can’t effectively explore a topic such as “The History of War” in a 5 page paper. Narrow it down to a size that is more easily managed.

  • Give it your own personal touch. Find an approach to the topic that others may not have explored. This will help you keep your righting focused and give your paper that extra oomph that sets it above your classmates’ work.

  • Brain storm. Write down the random ideas that pop into your head, then go over them one by one. Can any of them be narrowed to a manageable topic? Write down the names of world leaders or famous sports figures. Go back over them, asking yourself, “Is there anything about this person that I admire?” If you hit on something that looks promising, start right away doing a little researching on it to see if can blossom into an exciting topic for your assignment.

  • Choose something you like. Your readers will pick up on your enthusiasm – or lack thereof – for your topic. If you are bored by your paper, so your reader will be bored. Choose a topic that you know about, that you are passionate about. Let your interest in the topic shine through. It can make the difference between an “OK” paper and an “A” level one.

  • Examples of best topics. Here’s a few examples of great topics to get you going:

    • What is sleep and why do we need it?
    • Was Alcatraz really escape-proof?
    • How does prolonged steroid use effect the human body?
    • How do modern day Olympics differ from the games of ancient Greece?
    • Did the long bow contribute to the rise of English military dominance?
    • Has airport security really intensified since September 11th, 2001?
    • Is tobacco use truly harmful to the human body?
    • How did the art of warfare change after the introduction of gunpowder?
    • Is text messaging dumbing down teen literacy?
    • Are climate change and global warming true threats to planet Earth?

If you get stuck, talk to your teacher. Most can help you get back on track. Talk to your classmates about how they are proceeding in their own assignment. They may have ideas that can help you get going again.