25 Best Topics For A High School Math Research Paper

When you are in high school you come across several assignments and papers. Some of these are comparatively simpler while others may be challenging for you. If you are trying to create a winning research paper in math for your high school, then you need to remember some essential things. You have to make sure that you are addressing a potential niche that no one has yet discussed or a very few people know about. You should have a proper plan for collection and analysis of the data you will put in your paper. You need to have a precise and one focused thesis statement for the paper. You should create outlines, set milestones and use planners so that you can manage and allocate your time properly. Most importantly, you will require critical thinking skills in order to evaluate the content you are including in your paper

The topic of your assignment is critical because it will help your paper be presented to your audience. You can only write a winning paper and make it stand out from the rest if you begin with a strong title. Your audience will be engaged by looking at your title and would want to know more about the work if you are able to hook them. Here are some interesting topics for math research paper in high school to make the choice easier for you

Topics for math research paper in high school

  1. How is math used in designing modern day buildings and architecture
  2. What are the areas of basic math to focus on
  3. Areas of advanced math
  4. What is algebra
  5. The insight to calculus and analysis
  6. Combinations in math
  7. Number theory
  8. What is binary logic
  9. Pure math
  10. Geometry and topology how to use them
  11. Applied math and complications
  12. The misconceptions about math
  13. Mathematical physics
  14. Computing
  15. How was math born
  16. The mother of all sciences why is it so
  17. How extreme sports work
  18. How and when do we use math in kitchen
  19. Theme parks and math
  20. How is math used in motion
  21. Mechanical math and the online world
  22. The application of math in dress designing
  23. Math and business in the 21st century
  24. What is the game theory
  25. How to apply operations research