20 Attention-Grabbing Research Paper Topics On Science And Technology

For many, the hardest part about writing a research paper occurs before one starts the process of researching a topic. It comes when one has to decide on an original and interest research paper topic. Here is a list of 20 attention grabbing research paper topics in science and technology worth consideration:

  1. In what ways are children under the age 12 growing up in a different society than students who are college aged did?

  2. What are the effects cell phones, the internet, social media and other communication technologies on making the world bigger or smaller?

  3. What do studies suggest will be the positive or negative long term effects of living in the current technological world?

  4. Are there any new technologies that will be important in efforts to solve some of the world’s greatest problems?

  5. How has the medical community responded to questions around what it means to have dignity of life?

  6. Have technologies proven or disproven how close animals are to humans in terms that would lead to more animal rights?

  7. Provide a critical analysis of the pros and cons of limiting scientific investigations on humans.

  8. What dangers do threats made on social media sites have on the community and should there be greater action taken against such rhetoric?

  9. What supporting evidence is there for the belief that playing video games may be the key to solve a lot of the world’s problems?

  10. What supporting evidence is there for the development of new science and information system technologies by storing data on DNA strands?

  11. Provide a critical analysis comparing organic foods with genetically modified foods. Is one type significantly better than the other?

  12. How have digital tools changed levels of production at work? Are these tools a good thing for society or will technologies eventually replace workers?

  13. How close is science and technology to allowing the simple methods of genetically engineering offspring?

  14. How close is society to technologies that will allow for effect use of chips to track released violent criminals as a preventative measure?

  15. What exactly are technologies that can modify food able to do to help the world’s problems concerning large scale starvation?

  16. How safe is surrogate pregnancy and is it moral to do so? Should there be greater state or federal oversight?

  17. What role have personal profiles on social media sites had on the way employers make hiring decisions?

  18. Compare and contrast reading print sources with reading from electronic sources. Are there dangers to learning or other health effects?

  19. Are search engines on the internet affecting young people’s attention spans?

  20. What supporting or non-supportive data exists for discouraging social media use in among young people?