Tips To Help You Compose A Research Paper Introduction In The APA Format

Writing a research paper in the APA format is quite different from writing a term paper, composition-style essays or even the creative writing essays. When writing the research paper, you do not include any personal information. Instead, you will need to focus on the previous research findings. While most research papers are quite similar, their requirements may be different depending on that particular course. It is important to ensure that your follow the instructions of your instructor.

APA style basics

While they are generally similar, the requirements of the APA style may change from time to time. For instances, there may be some changes such as on how to write the references sections. However, some of the general guidelines for writing in the APA styles include:

  • Impersonal style. The minimum requirement is for you to use an impersonal style. For instance, you should say that “this study was done” instead of “we did this study”. However, there are some few exceptions and it is important for you to look at the APA Publication Manual. Avoid using anecdotes and personal statements.
  • Verb sentence. The general guideline of the APA style requires you to use the verb tense. For instance you can say that “the results showed” instead of “the result shows”. However, there are also exceptions to this rule and it is important to refer to the APA publication manual in order to learn more on this.
  • Contractions. Avoid using contractions. For instance, you should say “it does not need” instead of “it doesn’t need”.
  • Biased language. It is important for you to remain updated with the right terms particularly when writing a paper on gender, sexual orientation or race. You can find terms that are considered to be appropriate in the APA manual.
  • Citations. The APA style requires that you cite your sources. You should paraphrase as much as you possible instead of just quoting.
  • Running head. You can have a running head which should not have more than 50 characters. All characters should be capitalized.
  • Start by stating a claim or fact. This should be followed by citing the sources in parentheses in one similar sentence. For instance, you can begin by saying that “According to previous research” it is easy to respond to auditory stimulus as compared to the visual stimulus.
  • You can make sources to be the subject of a sentence. “A related study, Jackson and Smith (2005), found that...”


You should have a basic description of your study in about one sentence for every section of the APA format.