Places To Look For An Example Of A Questionnaire For A Research Paper

Research papers are an interesting task for students because they require exploring new aspects and talking about subjects to bring them to the attention of your audience. This is an opportunity for students to talk about subjects that they have always wanted to. It is important to note that the subject you choose to talk about is unique and interesting. It should be something that adds to the knowledge of the readers. Try to avoid obsolete ideas and come up with new areas to explore through your work.

What is a questionnaire?

A questionnaire is an important section during your project because it helps you prepare a list of questions and carry out first hand search. You can gather primary data by conducting surveys and questionnaires. The important part is to create such a list of questions that are easy to understand and easy to answer. Avoid including questions to which readers will give biased answers or will hesitate to respond. Try to make it simple and relevant to your search so that it gathers quality data for you which you can use to create a winning paper.

Why use an example

Students are doing this task for the first time, might find it tough to create a questionnaire. You should consult your teacher in designing the questionnaire because they have an experience and can guide you better. A good idea for students looking to compose effective papers is to find a sample. A sample questionnaire can help you decide the number of questions you include in your paper, the type of these questions, the style of the questions, the options to include for the answer, the length of the answer field and the format. This makes your task easier because sometimes you can simply replace certain words in a sample question and use it as your own. The problem however, is that where will you find these questionnaire samples

Here are a few places you should consider while searching for the right samples

  1. The internet
  2. The internet is a great place to search for samples for everything related to academic papers

  3. Library
  4. Use the library to find relevant samples in the right sections

  5. Guidebooks
  6. Guidebooks with examples are helpful for students

  7. Friends or seniors
  8. Grab notes from your friends and seniors to use as a guide

  9. Family
  10. Get help from someone in your family