The Best English Research Paper Topics For 8th Grade Students

When students are in the 8th grade, they tend to be very distracted. You know very well how you feel when you have to work on a research paper: you get sleepy, you want to talk with your mom or you just had an idea on how to paint your room. Either way, there’s nothing that can make you go back to your assignment unless a very interesting topic. If you want to ace your next assignment, take a look at theses English research paper topics:

  • The Beginning of English. For sure you know that the language did not show up over night; it took hundreds of years until it reached to the form that you speak today. Do some research on this and see what are the origins of your language.

  • Your favorite author. If you are a reader, you already decided what is your favorite book and author. You can share this with your colleagues and convince them to read this book. Maybe they will like it and they will learn something new.

  • Old English. It would be very funny to learn some expressions in Old English and repeat them in front of the class. On top of this, you can explain how language was used in that time.

  • Industrial Revolution in England. We can say that this was the beginning of the modern life that we have today. At the same time, the language evolved and chanced and many new words were added. Give some examples.

  • Males and females controversy. In the last years, people say that we should not talk about someone using “he” or “she” because they might feel offended if they are not confident in their gender. Do you think we should find a middle way or keep things like they are?

  • Is English an easy language? If you learned another language by now, for sure you found many differences in grammars and vocabulary. Do you think that for a foreigner it would be easy to learn English? Motivate your answer.

  • Shakespeare. You can never go wrong with an essay about him. There are so many things to say about his writing and style that it will be difficult to choose. Think about his contribution to modern English, and how his writing helped develop and improve the language.