A List Of Winning Research Paper Topics Related To The Vietnam War

There are several questions that have been raised and are still being raised over the war America waged on Vietnam in the later half of the seventies. Now we have seen enough movies and read enough books and newspaper cuttings of the war. There are also several people that have made the most of their jobs by looking at something that has not been done already. If you have grandparents, it is possible that they may have been a part of the war itself. Or at least they will have better memories of the war than any of your history teachers.

The validity of the war in Vietnam

There have been several questions over the validity of the war against Vietnam. Here are some that we take ahead and there are some that have been effectively buried by the mainstream media. But even today, the world keeps questioning the validity of this war.

Here are some good research paper topics on the war that was waged in Vietnam.

Impressive paper topics on the Vietnam War

  • How were communist forces so effective against the superior French and American armies?
  • The Tet Offensive: how did it affect society and policies of the then USA and raised questions about the cause of the war
  • The sly media: was Vietnam war the first instance where we came to know of the grotesque role the media can play t justify such human atrocities
  • Who won the Vietnam War? Give justifications for your answer
  • How were the objectives of the communists and that of Ho Chi Min different from the US objectives during the Vietnam War?
  • Comment on the evolution of US foreign policy between the end of the World War II and the beginning of the Vietnam War
  • The impact that antiwar and similar protest movements made inside the United States after and during the Vietnam War
  • Nixon and the Vietnam War: How was he different from Johnson?
  • The cinematic depiction of the Vietnam War: How have people been depicted in the war
  • Compare the Vietnam War of 1975 with the Bangladeshi liberation struggle of 1971
  • Comment on the similarities between Indian armed forces and Vietnamese rebels as learnt in the Vietnam war of 1975

The Vietnam war still continues to haunt several minds in the US, in Vietnam and in several other parts of the world. Now is the time to reflect.