Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Write A 500-Word Research Paper

Now, when you think of a research paper, you naturally assume it is a lengthy piece of writing. After all, research work needs to pass through a number of quality checks and all this cannot be encapsulated in an essay-like size.

A tough assignment

So, you may find it hard to sum it all in 500 words. This requires specific strategy and clarity of thoughts so the effect becomes thoroughly concentrated. You can check this site to go through the samples of a few 500-worders.

Meanwhile, here is a step-by-step run-in of a research paper that is as long as 500 words –

  • The standing motif – This is the main and moot point. You need to create a thesis statement around it and spend the whole paper in authenticating it.
  • The beginning – You begin by subtly laying what the paper holds and which question it sets to answer through acute method and analysis. It should not take more than 100 words.
  • The Methods – You will then have to place the methods you carried in the way of research. You need not go into vivid details; just cursory sketches of the processes will do. Yes, it is ideal if you place in 2-3 methods so there are no doubts about the authority of the theme at the end. Its length should be 200 words.
  • The analysis – You need to place how the essence of what the respondents suggest. In case of exact science subject, you have to place the impact and denouement of your methods and experiments. The writing style has to be objective and lucid. It will do with 100 words.
  • The conclusion – This is where you finally validate the thesis statement and prove that what you stand for is redoubtable. You should be clinical with its structure and exposition. The length will naturally be 100 words since you have already used 400 words for previous segments.

Think along direct lines

The trick is to think rightfully and analytically. Cut down on frills and carve the direct route to revelation. You should proofread the paper twice or thrice to assess whether each segments hold eminence or not. The ends should not be loosely dealt with and the points should come out evocatively.

Of course, you can check out samples to check how different topics and research themes can be forcefully and convincingly handled. Like in most cases, the will defines the way. You just need to be on the button.