22 Interesting Political Research Paper Topics To Investigate

A research paper on politics is among the most interesting papers to write about. The good news is that there are so many issues revolving around politics. Therefore, this only means that there is quite a variety of topics that we can come up with. The following are some ideas that can generate research paper topics on politics:

International relations

Political- wise, there is not a single nation that has managed to be self sufficient. Therefore, at one time or another there will be some political issue that will require attention from cooperative unit of the affected countries. Some of the international relations topics of a research paper may concern world systems analysis, foreign political analysis, international political economy, liberalism, colonization issue, complex interdependence, trade movements and so on. These are political aspects that will lead to interesting research paper political topics such as:

  • International political economy and trade
  • Complex globalization and independence
  • History of international relations
  • International environment and politics
  • Non state actors in international relations

Research paper on political thoughts

The aspect of diversity on political thoughts can make a perfect source of political topics. There are different approaches of political thoughts in writing a research paper starting from Islamic political thought, Asian political thought, Christian political thought as well as the political thoughts of western classics. This will help students to have a different approach rooted to different thoughts. Some of the topics that we may come out with in relation to this includes:

  • Nationalism
  • Revisionism and social democracy
  • Fascism and national socialism
  • Early modern and classic liberals
  • Modern conservatism, liberalism and libertarianism
  • Asian political thought
  • Ancient political thought
  • Islamic political thought

Political research paper on American politics

The United States of America is among the countries that interests a good number of African countries. There are issues concerning bureaucracy, presidency, state and local politics, federalism, political behavior on issues of voting behavior, and public opinion. This aspect of politics may lead to topics such as:

  • American bureaucracy
  • The American judicial politics
  • Public policy and administration
  • Gender and politics issues in the United States
  • Religious and politics issues in America
  • American state and the local government
  • LGBT issues and the queer approach
  • United States political socialization

Political science methodology aspect

This is a wide aspect where numerous political research paper topics can be derived from. The topics may be based on qualitative and quantitative empirical approaches, criteria used by different political bodies and so on. The following topics may result:

  • Evolution of political science
  • Constructivism
  • Survey research
  • Content analysis