What Are The 3 Essentials Parts Of A College Research Paper

Writing research papers in college is very common and you have to know how to handle this job. Every professor has different requirements and you have to follow them before anything else. Besides, there are compositional elements that you can not neglect. Every research paper has three essential parts and if you forget about one of them your composition will not be considered complete.

  • The Introduction. Every composition, no matter the topic or the type, needs to start with the introduction. This is how you will let the reader know what you will write about and why. Also, you will have to provide some details about the topic. This first part does not have to be longer than a few lines, two paragraphs maximum, otherwise it will be confusing for the readers. Focus on making this part as interesting as possible because this will motivate the reader to continue reading.

  • The Body of the composition. This is the longest and the most important part. Here is where you write everything about the subject, bring evidence, discuss different points of view and so on. The length of this part depends entirely on the requirements of your professor and how much you want to write. In general it is recommended to keep it simple and clear and not give more details than you have to. You want to deliver quality information to the reader, not unnecessary details and data.

  • The Conclusion is the last part of your composition. Don’t ever think that because it is at the end, your professor or colleagues will not pay attention to it. In the last lines you have to evaluate the information that you provided in the body of the composition and the results of your research. Some students also introduce their own opinion at the end, so it will not interfere with the rest of the information. Keep it short, around 5 or 6 lines.

  • These parts can be extended or shortened depending on what kind of composition you have to make. Sometimes you will also be required to add additional elements, like title page or appendix, just to expose the information in a good way. Try to focus on the topic all the time and don’t use unknown terms if you don’t have enough space to provide a clear definition.