Events To Write About In Your World History Research Paper

World history is the more expansive branch of history and deals with major world events, their interrelations, and how they have effectively shaped the face of the globe to look like what it does today. A research paper on world history must appreciate the vastness of the subject and, accordingly, give it due coverage. A single paper cannot obviously deal with the whole subject at one go and hence, students are advised to choose a particular historical phenomenon to address in the paper.

Choosing a specific topic

There are various interesting topics that a student of world history can write his or her paper on. These include the likes of:

  • How did the reparations of the first World War lead to the commencement of the second? How was the Treaty of Versailles instrumental in this?
  • How were Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Desert Storm instrumental in bringing to light U. S’s hegemony in wo0rld politics? What was the media’s role in this?
  • What caused the ideology of communism to seep into the erstwhile USSR, China and Cuba? Why were these countries subject to major criticism for violation of human rights?
  • What, according to you, caused the Aryan race to emerge superior to all other in ancient history? How was the white reign a direct outcome of this?

Following the format

Every school or college determines a format for their students to follow while writing a research paper. These must be followed by the students if they wish to get good grades as the authorities are rather strict about this. The students should be familiar with these specific rules and regulations prior to starting on his or her paper.

Conducting proper background work

Sufficient background work must be done in order to produce an outstanding thesis paper. The data collection must take place in an organised manner and should be precise and accurate. This data collected will, inevitably, form the base of the remnant of the paper and, hence, should be nothing short of sheer perfection. This is the most time-consuming part of writing a dissertation.

Keeping the global perspective in mind

While writing the paper, the student must keep in mind that the subject is world history and, hence, his or her paper should address the global relevance of the topic, and not just those confined to specific regions. The student must possess a broad outlook in order to make his or her paper one of quality.